Logo, Branding & Web Design

The mission

CannabizMD, a groundbreaking medical cannabis news and media publication, sought to establish itself as a leading authority in the field. Their vision was to create a global resource dedicated to providing high-quality medical cannabis science and policy education. To achieve this, they required a strong brand identity and a comprehensive website capable of housing extensive content and serving a diverse audience.

The project encompassed the complete development of the CannabizMD brand, starting with logo design and extending to a detailed brand style guide. The website design and development focused on creating a news-centric platform with robust content management capabilities and ample advertising space.


  1. Establish a Strong Brand Identity: Craft a unique logo and comprehensive brand style guide that reflects CannabizMD’s commitment to medical cannabis education and innovation.

  2. Create a News-Focused Website: Design and develop a website with the structure and functionality of a news publication, prioritizing clear navigation and intuitive content organization.

  3. Accommodate Extensive Content: Build a content management system that allows for the seamless publishing and updating of articles, news stories, research findings, and other relevant information.

  4. Integrate Advertisement Space: Incorporate designated areas for banner ads and other promotional materials to generate revenue and support the platform’s sustainability.

  5. Cater to a Diverse Audience: Design a user experience that caters to medical cannabis professionals, researchers, policymakers, patients, and the general public interested in medical cannabis information.

The Result:

The resulting CannabizMD brand and website successfully established the publication as a trusted resource for medical cannabis information. The platform quickly gained national and international recognition, attracting a wide range of industry professionals and stakeholders. The user-friendly interface, comprehensive content, and strategic advertising space contributed to CannabizMD’s rapid growth and its ongoing mission to advance medical cannabis education and standards.


Website & Branding:

Technology Used:

  • Logo Design & Branding
  • Custom Web Design
  • Content Management System
  • Advertisement Integration
  • SEO Optimization