AJ’s Cultivation

Web Design & Development

The mission

AJ’s Cultivation, a renowned cannabis producer based in Boone, Colorado, sought to modernize their online presence and streamline their sales process. As a trusted supplier to major brands like Willie’s Reserve, they required a website that reflected their established reputation while offering a seamless e-commerce experience.

The project entailed a complete overhaul of their existing website, focusing on a contemporary design aesthetic, professional photography showcasing their premium products, and the integration of WooCommerce to enable direct online ordering for wholesale clients.


  1. Modernize Brand Image: Redesign the website with a fresh, visually appealing layout that aligns with AJ’s Cultivation’s industry-leading status.

  2. Showcase Product Quality: Utilize high-quality photography to highlight the superior craftsmanship and unique characteristics of their cannabis products.

  3. Enhance User Experience: Develop an intuitive navigation structure and user-friendly interface to facilitate effortless browsing and product discovery.

  4. Implement E-Commerce Functionality: Integrate WooCommerce to provide a secure and efficient platform for wholesale clients to place orders directly through the website.

  5. Increase Brand Awareness: Optimize the website for search engines to improve visibility and attract potential customers searching for premium cannabis products online.

The Result:

The revamped website successfully captured AJ’s Cultivation’s brand identity and product quality while providing a user-friendly platform for online ordering. The integration of e-commerce functionality streamlined the sales process and opened up new avenues for growth, solidifying their position as a leading supplier in the cannabis industry.



Technology Used:

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Professional Photography
  • SEO Optimization