About Me

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Hola! My names Chelsey. I live in the beautiful city of San Diego with my 9 year old daughter and our lazy Basset Hound. On any given day, you could find us at the beach, rock climbing or competing in laser tag. We're a one of a kind team and truly enjoy just 'hanging out' together - like ALL the time. She's not only my motivation but she's my best friend and the main reason I work so hard. My end goal is to create a lifestyle that I enjoy and am truly proud of. One that will always keep me on my toes and allows me to create more memories with my daughter. 

Aside from my 'mom' job, I also possess many valuable skills that make me a super rare commodity in the digital marketing world. My education is in Graphic Design(A.A) and Web Development(B.A). However, majority of my career has involved generating traffic for businesses through SEO campaigns and internet marketing strategies. Not only can I design print/digital material, work in multiple CMS's, manage social media & paid advertising but I'm also able to analyze competitors/prospects, create engaging content, and present new marketing opportunities as they arise.

I have a deep understanding of the web, it's users and how businesses can take advantage of it to have a strong competitive gain. I stay on top of current marketing trends and know how to utilize strategies that can naturally attract more customers in a non-salesy way. Not only can I analyze data and measure results but I'm also full of creativity and have a 'think outside of the box' kind of mind. I strive to make the most memorable and effective marketing campaigns come to life by not just soley relying on research and proven methods that work. Sometimes, I totally go against conventional wisdom.